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Blank Windshield Visor - Curve

Blank Windshield Visor - Curve
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Price: $17.99
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Min/Max Order: 1 / 1000


A windshield visor provides shading, reduces heat and sun glare, and greatly improves the look of your vehicle. A windshield visor will definitely make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. A curve visor is a rectangular piece of vinyl material curved to match the curvature of the windshield, see pic below. Once applied, it will conform to the curvature of the windshield. The curve visor is quite popular among race car enthusiasts. Our windshield visors are made out of outdoor-grade performance vinyl and will last years without fading.

A windshield visor spans the width of your vehicle windshield. The visor height chosen will depend on the individual. Popular visor heights are 4" and 5" tall for cars and 6" and 7" tall for trucks.

How to determine what visor size you'll need:

1. Measure the width of your windshield. The windshield width is measured by placing a measuring tape across the top corners of the windshield (white line in drawing below).

2. Decide how high you want the visor to be. It should not so too tall as to block your view. The vinyl visor is opaque and blocks out sunlight almost completely.

3. You will need to add 15 " to the windshield width you measured and 5" to the visor height. This will ensure that you have enough vinyl to cover the windshield. You will need a razor blade or exacto knife to trim off the vinyl excess. See pic below.

For example: the windshield width you measured is 55" wide and you want a 5" tall visor. Adding in the extra inches, you'll need to order a visor size that is 70" wide x 10" tall or bigger.

4. You will need to measure your vehicle curvature and enter it in the option section above.

To measure the curvature*, place your measuring tape across the top corners of the windshield. Find the midpoint on the measuring tape and measure the distance from the midpoint down to the edge of the glass (red arrow drawing to the right below). The drawing to the right below shows a 50" wide windshield with a 2" curvature. The measured curvature will increase the visor height by that measured amount.

*The curvature measurement method shown is a "pretty good" estimate of the actual windshield curvature.

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