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Window Letterings- Multiple Colors, Multiple Lines

Window Letterings- Multiple Colors, Multiple Lines
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Price: $24.99
Weight: 0.50 lbs


Min/Max Order: 1 / 1000


Create your custom vinyl letterings for use on store windows, store signs, vehicle windows, general signage and many more. Choose the size you need and fill in the space with as much text and use as many font type as you like. There is no limit on text or font types. See ordering instructions below for more details.

Worry that your vinyl letterings won't turn out the way you want? Don't be. We will be work with you on your custom text design until you are happy. A preview will be email to you for approval before production.

Vinyl letterings cost effective and efficient at displaying your message any time of the day or night. Vinyl letterings have adhesive back and can be applied to any clean, smooth, hard surface such as windows, glass, plastic, metal, painted wood, car, boat, truck, motorcycle, helmet, suv, 4x4 or any other vehicle. Vinyl letterings are computer precision die cut from high quality outdoor-grade performance vinyl that will last for years without fading. The background is clear and see through. Vinyl letterings come with transfer tape for easy application. Some common usage of vinyl letterings are: windshield banner, windows signage, store signage, automotive signs, and banner signs.

Custom Windshield Decal

Ordering is easy:

1. Select a size. The size selected is the space or the area (width x height) where your custom text will be placed within. The size options serve as a pricing guideline for the area that the vinyl letterings occupy. You do not need to have your vinyl letterings fit to the exact size as selected. For example, you want vinyl letterings to fit a 1.5 ft tall x 2 ft wide space or an area of 3 square feet. You would select size option 1 ft. tall x 3 ft. wide go get the correct pricing and specify the size you want in the "Your Custom Text" space above.

Vinyl Letterings Sizing

2. Enter your custom text, text colors, specify font types, and details. Enter your custom text in the option above and specify where to apply the colors and font types in your text. Specify details such as the size of each text line in relation to each other and if where you want the words underlined, bold, or italicized. For example: Line 1 should be biggest and underlined, Line 2 & 3 should be medium and line 4 should be smallest and italicized...etc. We will be work with you on your custom text design until you are happy. A preview will be email to you for approval before production. Click Here to view font list.

3. Select a cut style. Normal cut is the most popular choice. Mirror image cut is made by flipping the image over, producing a "mirror image". It is used in such instance as to let the drivers in front to read them normally through their rear view mirror or when installing them on the inside of windows. If you would recieve a preview for approval before production starts, choose yes in the option above.

Vinyl Letterings Cut Style
Note: If you are applying vinyl letterings on the inside of windows with the mirror image cut, ONLY the Standard & Wall vinyl have same color on the face side and on the adhesive side. All other vinyl materials only has color & design on the face side.
For customization such as multi-color decals, effects, or a custom size, please Contact Us for details and pricing.

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