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6" Roll Paint Protection Strip

Self Adhesive Paint Protection Film
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Price: $3.49
Weight: 0.25 lbs

Quantity Discount

  • Buy 2 - 5 and get an additional 15 % off
  • Buy 6 - 14 and get an additional 20 % off
  • Buy 15 - 29 and get an additional 25 % off
  • Buy 30 - 49 and get an additional 30 % off
  • Buy 50 - 74 and get an additional 35 % off
  • Buy 75 - 1,000 and get an additional 40 % off

Purchase 10 of 6" Roll Paint Protection Strip and get:

A $3.99 VALUE!


Min/Max Order: 1 / 1000


Paint protection film protects your vehicle from damage caused by rocks, gravel, or insects. Protect your hood, bumper, mirrors, exterior body panels, headlights, taillights, or any other hard smooth surface such as cell phones, laptop, glass surface, table surface...etc.

Paint protection film is a thin and virtually invisible urethane film. This high performance urethane plastic is a tough 5 mil (.005") thick film. Econo paint protection film acts as invisible car "car" and acts as a shield to the applied surface.

Price starts at $3.49 per linear foot for a 6" wide sheet.  Each quantity ordered equals to 1 linear foot, or 12 inches. For example, to order a 6" wide x 36" long sheet, you would selecta quantity of '6". You'll recieve one continuous sheet when you order more than 1 linear foot.

Paint Protection Film
Paint Protection Film
Paint Protection Film
Paint Protection Film
Paint Protection Film
Paint Protection Film
Paint Protection Film
Paint Protection Film


  • Durable 5 mil (.005”) film
  • Conforms to complex curves, irregular surfaces, etc…
  • Stands up against water, dirt, grease, salt, etc.
  • Extremely durable surface
  • Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Stretchable with heat
  • Clear transparent urethane film
  • Up to 3 years durability, excellent UV durability

Application Tools Needed:

  • Rubber Squeegee (Avail. for purchase, click here)
  • Xacto #1 Knife and/or Olfa Knife (Avail. for purchase, click here)
  • Detail Cloth (Microfiber or Lint Free)
  • *Two (2) One Quart Spray Bottles
  • *Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo
  • *Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol (70% solution)

These tools are also available at Wal-mart/K-mart/Target Stores. Use distilled water in solution mix to prevent haze caused by minerals in tap water. * Refers to wet application.

Note: These videos are for instructional purpose only. Detail instructions included with your order.  

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