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Text Only Windshield Decal

Text Only Windshield Decal
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Display your custom text on your vehicle's front or back windshield. This a great way to show your interest or advertise your business 24 hours a day. A windshield banner also improves the overall appearance of your vehicle.

Custom Windshield Decal

Our vinyl windshield decals are computer precision die cut from high quality vinyl material. The background is clear and see through. Each windshield banner decal comes with transfer tape for easy application. Vinyl windshied banner decal can be placed vehicle windshield or on any hard, smooth surface. Our windshield banners are made out of outdoor-grade performance vinyl and will last years without fading.

Ordering is easy:

1. Select your windshield decal size. A windshield decal is sized by the area (width x height) it occupy. The windshield decal below measures 40" wide x 5" tall. The selected windshield decal size should be smaller than the width of your vehicle windshield. Depending on the amount of text used, the actual size may be smaller or larger then the size you chose. We will consult you should the size deviate dramatically from the size you selected.

Windshield Decal Size

2. Select your windshield decal color. The Standard vinyl colors are the most popular. We also carry a great selection of Specialty vinyl colors for customers looking for that "glitzy" or "eye catching" look. Vinyl materials come in all kind of colors, patterns, and designs. Click Here to view our vinyl color selection.

3. Select a cut style. Normal cut is the most popular choice. Mirror image cut is made by flipping the image over, producing a "mirror image". It is used in such instance as to let the drivers in front see your windshield banner normally through their rear view mirror or when installing the windshield banner on the inside of your car's window.

Normal Decal
Normal Cut
Mirror Image Decal
Mirror Image Cut
Note: If you are applying windshield decal on the inside of your car window using the mirror image cut, ONLY the Standard & Wall vinyl have same color on the face side and on the adhesive side. All other vinyl materials only has color & design on the face side.

4. Select a windshield decal type: Normal or Curve.

Normal windshield decal is the most commonly used. The vinyl windshield decal will conform to the windshield curvature thereby creating an arch appearance as shown below.

Curved windshield decal is popular among race car enthusiasts. It is made to match the curvature of the windshield. You will need to measure your vehicle windshield width and curvature and enter them in the optional text box above. Notice how the windshield decal curves along the windshield curvature as shown below.

Windshield Decal
Curve Windshield Decal
Windshield Decal
Windshield Decal

The windshield width is measured by placing a measuring tape across the top corners of the windshield (blue line in drawing to the right below).

To measure the curvature*, place your measuring tape across the top corners of the windshield. Find the midpoint on the measuring tape and measure the distance from the midpoint down to the edge of the glass (red arrow drawing to the right below). The drawing to the right below shows a 50" wide windshield with a 2" curvature. The measured curvature will increase the overall banner height by that measured amount.

Windshied Decal Measurement

*The curvature measurement method shown is a "pretty good" estimate of the actual windshield curvature.

5. Enter your custom text and select a font style. Enter your custom text in the option above and choose a font style for your custom text. There is no characters limit, but to effectively display your windshield text decal you should use less than 35 characters. Click Here to view font list. If you would recieve a preview for approval before production starts, choose yes in the option above.
For customization such as multi-color decals, effects, or a custom size, please Contact Us for details and pricing.

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