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3D Flexible Black Carbon Fiber II Wrap Vinyl With Air Release

3D Flexible Black Carbon Fiber II Vinyl Wrap With Air Release
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Price: $22.99
Weight: 1.00 lbs

Quantity Discount

  • Buy 2 - 5 and get an additional 10 % off
  • Buy 6 - 10 and get an additional 15 % off
  • Buy 11 - 20 and get an additional 20 % off
  • Buy 21 - 30 and get an additional 25 % off
  • Buy 31 - 1,000 and get an additional 30 % off

Purchase 2 of 3D Flexible Black Carbon Fiber II Wrap Vinyl With Air Release and get:

A $3.99 VALUE!


Min/Max Order: 1 / 1000


The 3D Flexible Black Carbon Fiber II is cut from a 60" wide vinyl roll. Price starts at $22.99 for the 1st linear foot.  Each quantity purchased is for 1 linear foot, or 12 inches long. You'll receive one continuous sheet when you order more than 1 linear foot. For example, to order a 60 " wide x 72" long sheet, you would enter "6" in the Quantity text box above . Purchase 2 linear feet or more and get additional discount.

This is by far the most popular 3D Twill-Weave Carbon fiber style vinyl sheet, without the high cost of actual carbon fiber. This unique product is made of UV resistant vinyl that features a carbon textured finish. Unlike those cheap carbon pattern printed, the true 3D texture resembles the genuine look of dry carbon fiber, the weave reflects light the same way as the actual carbon fiber would. Sample is available for purchase, Click Here.

The 3D Flexible Carbon Fiber II twill weave pattern is slightly smaller than the 3D Flexible Carbon Fiber III as shown in the pictures below. 3D carbon fiber can be applied to any hard smooth surface such as such as front hood, rear trunk, spoiler, lips, side pillar bars, rims, side mirrors, door handles, windshield, interior trim, cell phones, laptop, speakers, etc.

Notes: Install in a clean area, away from dust and wind. Application surface should be cleaned with soap and water or other cleaning agents. Cleaning agents must NOT contain ammonia (like Windex) as these will dissolve the adhesive. On complex curves and edges, apply heat for better adhesion and conformity to curved surface. 3M Primer 94 is recommended for application involving sharp edges or extreme curves. For a more glossy look, apply a high quality clear coating.

3D Black Carbon Fiber
3D Black Carbon Fiber
3D Black Carbon Fiber
3D Black Carbon Fiber
3D Black Carbon Fiber
  • Permanent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Air Egress Technology
  • Lay-flat, bubble free installation
  • Dry Application. No messy water/soap solution needed!
  • Can be re-lifted, repositioned and stretched
  • Textured pattern, WITH WEAVES! NOT PRINTED!
  • Stretchable with heat
  • Conform to contours and bend easily
  • High temperature & water resistant
  • Install Temp: 60F to 80F (16C to 26C)
  • End Use Temp: -4F to 206F (-15C to 97C)
  • Can be cleaned with soap and water
  • Stands up against water, dirt, grease, salt, mild acids and oil.
  • Long life with excellent UV durability: 3-5 yrs outdoor/unlimited indoor
  • Design for auto wrapping, 7.5 mil (.0075" thick film)
Note: The videos below are for instructional purpose only. We also carry 3M DI-NOC carbon fiber.

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